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We’re a high performance company that gets the most out of your talent. We give athletes the systems that professional sport take for granted to turn aspiration into reality.  We give coaches the tools so they are no longer their own best kept secret and we give powerlifters the strength systems to start bending the bar.
We invite you to join us. Take your first step.

Taking The First Step

We invite you to join this change. We coach coaches,  athletes and powerlifters who want to pursue their potential. We offer four types of membership to gain access to our community, expertise and knowledge.



For coaches, athletes and powerlifters who wants to be a part of the most engaged, advanced training facility in Sydney. You will receive your first free program from us and get discounts to future programs.

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For Coaches, Athletes and Powerlifters who want expert coaching for their sport or athletic pursuit. Your individual programs are designed for you, your goals, and your capability. View more



For Athletes who want the best coaching, data monitoring, training and injury management systems that money can buy in Sydney. For Powerlifters who want to get stronger and compete. For Coaches who want to be mentored and learn from the most influential, illustrious coaches in the industry with an expertise in professional sport and business development. industry

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Inner Circle

Our one-on-one programs are bespoke and will give you undivided attention with our expert coaches, complete access to our knowledge base and rite of passage to the systems we use to fast track your success. No matter what you're dreams, we've got the systems to realise them.

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If you want the opportunity to work with our coaches individually or as part of their own programs, sign up for our 30 minute strategy consult. We’ll touch base and see if and how we can help. All sessions are held in the Athletes Authority Gym, in Artarmon Sydney.


Join The Hardest Working Community

When you join our community, you become part of our family. This is not your average gym, and we aren’t your average team. You’ll become part of the hardest working, supportive and engaged training community in Sydney. When you join, it won’t take you long to realise that the gym is no longer a place of isolation or intimidation, but a place where you can just be you on your journey to a stronger body and mind.

Athletes Authority Gym

Train In A State Of The Art Facility

Our high performance facility is a reflection of our values – professionalism, integrity and passion. We have sourced the highest quality equipment to support athletes, powerlifters and individuals on their journey to a stronger body and mind. From timing gates, to calibrated plates and all the way through to our custom-built machines and equipment, we have you covered. Our gym is open from 5am-midnight, 7 days. Not only is it the best gym in Sydney, but one of the most accessible, too. There are no more excuses.

Engage With An Unmatched Coaching Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be trained and programmed by some of the most respected and recognised coaches in Sydney? All our programs are built by Exercise Scientists who have spent years mastering the art of effective training, and, our coaches are considered experts of their craft.  When you choose to be coached by us, you are choosing the very best that money can buy.

Unleash Your Greatness

We are here to redefine what it feels like to be a part of a gym. The gym is no longer a place of isolation and intimidation, but of community and collaboration. Because we value you’re success, we will do more for you than anyone else. We provide all our members with the very latest tools for setting and achieving goals, thinking with more purpose and clarity, and eating for success. With Athletes Authority, you’ll be able to unleash your greatness.

Our Energy For Your Success

When you join Athletes Authority, you’ll meet the owners within your first week. Everything Karl and Lachlan do are to give you a better training experience, and help you achieve more, faster. With a combined 20 years of coaching and personal training experience, the owners of Athletes Authority have put their heart and souls into making your dreams a reality.

Athletes Authority gym racks

The Knowledge Vault

When you join the movement, you’ll get access to the most comprehensive resources on mindset, nutrition and training to inspire and guide your journey. We know that without a high-performing mind or a nutrition system to support you along the way, even the most effective training programs are hit and miss.

High Performance Training:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a program designed by a professional strength and conditioning coach? All our programs are built by Exercise Scientists who have spent years mastering the art of effective training. View and purchase training plans that suit your ambition and objective, or, get in contact so we can build your own.


High Performance Thinking:

Have you ever wondered why some people get ahead faster than others? It’s usually not a case of talent, but rather, a mindset that allows them to set and actually achieve their goals; prioritise their life with ease, and bounce back from failure and setbacks. This is the high performance mindset, and we want to teach you how to hack your most important resource – your mind. Get ahead faster with our high performance thinking courses. 

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High Performance Education:

If you’re a coach or personal trainer, you’re probably wondering how to get ahead. Coaching is as much an art as it is a science, and you probably feel that you’ve got a long way to go. Imagine  what being mentored by a professional strength and conditioning coach could do for your career.  If you could learn the  very same systems that has made Athletes Authority the most recognised high performance facility in Sydney, how much would that benefit you? We are proud to run the most extensive, well respected  mentorship in Australia and lift the standards of Australia’s next generation of coaches.  

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High Performance Library:

We  value being one of the first to share ideas. We believe that education is the only way to lift Australia’s standards in coaching. in By arming our movement with the tools to change their life, we are empowering our athletes, clients and mentees to make an impact. Our high performance library is full of the ideas, blogs, and pep-talks that make Athletes Authority an authority on training.

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Still not sure?

Are you still unsure if we are right for you? Submit your inquiry form below and we will be in contact to see if we can help. If you are ready, join the movement below.

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Download Our Ultimate Deadlift Guide

 If you’ve been training for a while. you’ll know that the Deadlift is a staple movement for all athletes and powerlifters who want to get strong and powerful for sport or competition.
Download this free guide to learn the secrets of:
  • The art and science behind the deadlift so you can breakthrough your plateaus with ease.
  • Finding your perfect stance to maximising your lift according to your height, arm and torso length.
  • Expert tips from Industry leaders to executing a flawless lockout.
  • Busting the myths around the deadlift for women.
  • 3 downloadable programs to advance your progression, improve strength off the floor and improve strength at lockout.
  •  … and much, much more!
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