Lift With Scott: Awareness

The memoirs of an athlete, strength coach and fiancee who became a quadriplegic in an instant and his incredible recovery back to training, life and work.



I’ve never liked the fact that it’s common and accepted to not know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This was never the case with me and I worked tirelessly and consistently to optimize every facet of my life. My life with Angie, my mental and emotional wellbeing, my physical health and regular interactions with my friends. Obviously I’m not and was no where near perfect, but I really took the time to appreciate the small things in life.

Whenever there was even a half good looking sunset, I would drag Angie to our balcony and would hold her as we watched the colours in the sky change. I would say to her “look up at these balconies above us. Imagine the views they have. I would give anything for that. But no one is up there. Everyone must be at work trying to afford the view that they’re missing”. It wasn’t just my surroundings, it was my physical capabilities as well. A good example of this is a Friday last month after an enormous week at work and a 12 hour day to finish, I wearily jumped on my bike and rode home at basically a snails pace, trudging along feeling a little sorry for myself. I even told Frank I wasn’t up to kicking the football that afternoon – that’s massive. Once I arrived home and tried to open my gate, I realised I left my keys on the desk at the gym. Tragic, huh? I sat there pretty devo for about 30 seconds, then I thought – you know what…some people don’t even have the ability to ride a bike – so I clipped up my sweaty helmet and hit the street, this time though with a smile on my face and my eyes up taking in everything that was around me. I know this might sound like bullshit, but this genuinely happened. And it happened often.

I believe this awareness and ability to focus on what is good is the reason that so many of you are enthralled and anticipant of this journey. You know that I have the positive thoughts in my head and the ability to comprehend at a level above my lowest point. This is what I want from you now, and I believe it’s already happening. So many of you have sent me amazing messages telling of how you weren’t going to, but you took a second thought – and you did. And that is a beautiful thing. If my condition can bring awareness to each of you for the amazingly complex, beautiful abilities that you have each and every day, I will be fulfilled. As you listen to your favourite music, speak softly to your loved ones, take in a beautiful sunrise or even swing your legs out of bed to stand up in the morning – remember that there is someone in the world who can not do one (or sometimes, all) of these things. Love your life, focus on the positives and smoke em’ if ya got em’.