Bec Chambers

The first thing I said to Bec when I met her was ‘You look familiar.”

My hunch was right – she’s somewhat of an instagram celebrity. At the time she brushed it off, and it wasn’t until a few hours later I put two and two together.

I’d seen her instagram page a few times prior to our first meeting and had registered that ‘becchambersfit’ had a great knack for  delivering an authentic message and seemed to embrace her ‘unconventional beauty’ as she would put it. She was clearly a thought leader and she had amassed an army of strong females behind her who flocked together to shout her message from the rooftops. She stood for female empowerment. She stood for a balanced lifestyle and a balanced mind. She stood for strength and confidence. It’s a message that women (and men) should hear more often.

That first day we met, it was like air to the flame: combustion. We got on on so many levels, we found ourselves talking about bio energetics, quantum entanglement, reincarnation and the Universe.

Since then, we’ve developed a relationship that extends much further than gym owner and coach. She’s a friend and a source of challenge. She routinely reminds me to stay present. We’ve shared tears together, training sessions together, many coffees and many ideas.

Bec is a powerhouse. A powerhouse coach, athlete, writer and human. She’s a V8 and she embraces it. She’s also deeply sensitive, aware and engaged. When you connect with Bec, your life won’t ever quite be the same again.

Train with Bec Chambers