Inez Bye

Inez brings something completely unique to the table. Behind the happy, bubbly exterior is an incredible coach with a story and message that is grounded upon balance, awareness and sustainability.

The all-in fitness lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It’s not glamorous, and it doesn’t solve your problems around your worth and value to the world. Inez knows that first hand.

In the last years of high school, arguably the most formative years for any young adult, fitness stopped becoming something that enriched her life. It controlled her life.

Hours upon hours of mindless cardio to create dramatic calorie deficits created a destructive relationship with food and sent her through a perpetual cycle of needing more and more. She was never good enough.

I think we all know what that feels like.

Now, as a young coach and (almost) Exercise Physiologist, she has harnessed her own set of unique experiences and insights to stand upon an incredible mountain of value.

Inez helps create strategies for the everyday individual to help them find their best version of themselves. Finding ways for exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to compliment, nourish and support a balanced life so it never feels you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

Inez challenges me – my obsessive personality doesn’t always gel with her free spirit and it’s something i’m very grateful for.

If you are looking to create something truly sustainable; if exercise is part of the picture, not the whole picture, and if you want to feel like you’ll be exposed to a balanced perspective, Inez is your coach.

Train with Inez Bye