Lachlan Wilmot

“My energy for their success.”


Most people don’t know this, but when I first met Lachlan it was as his intern. One of the first questions he asked me was: “what will you be doing in 5 years time?”

“I want to coach the coaches to be great at what they love”, I replied. As the years continue to unfold, that seems to be coming into fruition. What we didn’t suspect was we’d be business partners only two years later, pursuing the vision of building the best private performance facility in the world.

As a young aspiring strength coach, I was immediately inspired by Lachlan. He challenged me, made me think more laterally, and made my mind more inquisitive. The first night I arrived home from my internship at the GWS Giants facility where Lachlan leads the strength and power department, I ordered a list of books he recommended off Amazon (read them all by the end of the week), researched a host of topics on strength and conditioning and completely uprooted my programming methodologies in line with some of the philosophies and principles he shared with me. He didn’t ask me to do this; he inspired me to do it.

That’s Lachlan in a nutshell. He is driven to educate and inspire others. Each week, Lachlan finds time to help out young aspiring coaches improve themselves, and he still offers to buy the coffee. I jokingly tell him he’s procrastinating from doing real work – but the reality he is living his dreams and I’m proud that I can build this together with him.

Lachlan looks after our own coach development, making them the best coaches they can be and helping them deliver an unmatched coaching experience. He also runs a private mentorship group where he shares his philosophies and ideologies with other strength coaches who want to invest in their professional development.

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