Matt Bartholomew

Matt is wise beyond his years. The only thing that exceeds his work ethic is his ambition both as an athlete and coach. At 22, Matt is a National Level Powerlifter and currently ranked 4th in his weight class in Australia. He is fast closing in on a 700kg total.

Because of Matt’s insatiable ambition, his work ethic is infectious. He invokes drive, demands discipline, and breeds great results for his athletes and individuals under his care.

Matt’s history in high level GPS Rugby has given him a unique insight into time management, prioritisation, and balance. Experiencing the difficulties of training competitively alongside his education, career and a social life make him highly qualified to instill balance and work ethic to the aspiring young athlete. As a male model and athlete for Muscle Nation, he is also highly experienced in working with body composition clients looking to reduce body-fat or increase muscle mass.

Matt’s passion however, is for powerlifting. As a powerlifter himself, Matt naturally gravitates toward strength athletes and those looking to get stronger and more powerful in sport and in life. Under his care, his strength athletes are already moving great numbers and adding competitively to their total. Matt leads Athletes Authority’s Powerlifting Program, giving strength athletes, both novice and competitive, an opportunity to work in small groups under his care. He has built an incredible sub-community and the experience is second to none. If you want to get stronger, do it amongst new friends, and participate in a shared vision for strength and progress, reach out to Matt through the contact form below.

Matt brings a lot to the table – compassionate, highly motivated, and genuinely interested in your growth and progress, we are very fortunate to have him on our team.

Train with Matt Bartholomew