Accountable Leadership



I can only hope you know that you’re in a job right now because someone needs you to keep them accountable. One of the most significant problems for coaches and trainers trying to earn a professional wage in this industry is the sheer lack of self-accountability, and external accountability to a coach that is further ahead of them, who has more experience, and who has demonstrated that there is a better way of doing things.


In the accountability chapter, you’re going to learn how the five cardinal virtues to make sure you focus on the stuff that matters (and believe me, it’s not mindlessly just selling your time and filling your books – unless that is what you want). You’ll be invited to join a free mentorship group that will provide the accountability you need to make your dreams happen (we boot out people who aren’t engaging). You’ll set quarterly targets and daily non-negotiables – the perfect blend of outcomes and processes to make sure you get there. By the time you spend some time becoming accountable to the work that matters most, you’ll have a system for coaching that is robust, time-effective and most importantly, gets incredible results.


As a bonus, you’ll also draw the connections to tools that will help your clients stay accountable too, so you don’t become responsible when they fall off the wagon.