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The chances are you’re exploring this mentorship because you want more than the daily grind you’ve found yourself in. The trap of selling your time for money has gotten old, and the voice in your head is telling you it’s time to become a leader in your niche and make a real impact.


A part of you believes this is possible, and another part has no idea where to start. Even if that’s the case, recognise there is a small spark still smoldering, and with the right strategies, you can turn the spark into a white-hot flame. By the time you reach the Authority chapter, you’ll know who you want to work with, have systems set up for assessing your progress, a defined method for delivering your product, and accountability tools to keep you on track. The disempowerment and fear you might feel right now when you think of being an industry leader will be wiped away with a hunger to make it happen. You’ll have the tools to believe in yourself, and this chapter gives you the process to make it happen.


Having authority means you wield influence, and influence implies people listen to what you have to say. Right now, you look up to those with Authority for advice, and by you reading this book, we’ve positioned ourselves as an authority in your eyes.  We’ll teach you how to leverage content and technology to reach more of the people you care about, and ultimately, give you a framework for becoming a coach that enjoys inbound opportunities, passive revenue, and a product that also sells your knowledge and expertise (not your time), for money.


Even if you don’t have world-wide ambition, you don’t want to be the world’s best-kept secret. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone: you don’t get noticed, so your wallet is always empty, and your clients don’t get the support and results they deserve, so they end up getting worse advice from someone else.


By the end of the Authority module, you’ll have a bulletproof strategy for marketing and a sound framework for sales and conversions so that you can improve the lives of more people.