Nutrition For Performance E-Course

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The system used by thousands of athlete’s to improve their performance, stay lean all year around, and liberate themselves from their feelings of being controlled by food.

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The Nutrition for Performance E-Course was designed to provide you with the system that has worked for thousands of athletes working towards a body composition or performance goal. This system works for those trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight while optimising performance.

The system developed by Michelle Fernandez, a Masters in Human Performance Nutrition, provides you with an A-Z system for optimising your nutrition.

Michelle’s experience in performance nutrition guarantees that you are getting the very best advice.

This E-Course includes:
The Full and Comprehensive seminar delivered to Athletes Authority Members in November 2016, teaching you:

  1. Why nutrient timing can accelerate performance and maximise lean body mass
  2. The foods that are making you fat
  3. The protein that you are all eating that destroys your gut health, and how to. fix it
  4. Supplementation for Performance
  5. A simple 4-step system for creating the ideal body.
  6. Meal Preparation Strategies
  7. The Approved Foods List
  8. How to count calories and not hate the process

By the end of this eCourse, you’ll have everything you need to make empowered food choices.